January 10, 2018

HBA Kansas City vice president Jill Forrest, president of Oncology Strategies, was honored in December as a LEAD award winner.

The Leadership, Excellence and Dedication (LEAD) award is the highest honor an HBA volunteer can be given within their chapter. It honors a cha...

BioSpace announced  its NextGen Bio “Class of 2018,” a list of 20 up-and-coming life science companies in North America that started up no earlier than 2015. Click on images to go to article. 

American Cancer Society released its 2018 Cancer Statistics Report on Thursday. 

"Over the past decade of data, the cancer incidence rate (2005-2014) was stable in women and declined by approximately 2% annually in men, while the cancer death rate (2006-2015) declined b...

The eighth annual pharmaceutical innovation study by the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions looks at the state of R&D in the biopharma industry and estimates the return on investment that 12 large cap biopharma companies may expect to achieve. The report also include...

Recent article from Oncology Practice Management highlights the challenges oncologist face each day as they try to prioritize patient care. According to a study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians only spend approximately 27% of their time with pati...

"A new analysis finds that certain genes people are born with may play a critical role in whether or not checkpoint inhibitors will work. For some people with cancer, immunotherapy drugs called checkpoint inhibitors, which take the brakes off the immune system and allo...

Merck will spend an estimated $12.5 million on TV ad spend on the 'It's TRU: Donna's Story - Living Longer Is Possible' ad. This brings it to number 8 on the top 10 list and only oncology ad on the list, according to Fierce Pharma

See full list here. 

See full telev...

 "The PARP inhibitor market is going to be split. The question is to what extent, and whether insurers, pharmacy benefit managers and other payers will use this crowding to lever down drug prices."  - from Bloomberg article by Max Nisen

Click here for full article.

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