Cancer Medicines Value in Context: PhRMA Report May 2019 - A slide resource kit

PhRMA released its Cancer Medicines Value in Context slide deck. It is a rich cache of data and slides resources on the current cancer market.

Click on image to download full deck of slide resources.

The key take aways from the deck:

  • We have made remarkable progress in the fight against the more than 200 diseases we call cancer and current research holds enormous promise to address the great unmet need.

  • Too many cancer patients face financial burdens, and these comes from a variety of sources including treatment costs, non-medical costs, and insurance benefit design.

  • The cost of cancer treatment comes from a range of sources including medicines, hospital and ED visits, diagnostics, and physician services.

  • The oncology market is working to control spending on cancer medicines and overall treatment costs.

  • Reforms are needed to accelerate the development path for cancer medicines and promote a delivery system that is increasingly patient-centered and value- based.

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