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Women often encountered the "broken rung" along their career journey. What is your experience?

Kansas City chapter of the HealthCare Businesswoman's Association (HBA) held a roundtable discussion on overcoming one of the biggest obstacles women face along their professional journey, the "broken rung" on the career ladder. Click to read more.

Utilizing the recently released data from the 2019 Women in the Workplace Report from McKinsey/LeanIn, Kansas City area healthcare business women came together on December 18, 2019 to discuss personal challenges and success strategies. We are all very familiar with the concept of the glass ceiling where many women feel blocked from reaching their highest potential. The concept of the "broken rung" calls out the more common challenge women face earlier in their career, the roadblocks to first line management. Click image to see full report.

The reality:

  • Women are less likely to be hired and promoted to manager - 72%

  • Men hold 62% of manager-level positions, while women hold 38%

  • One third of companies set gender representation targets for first-level manager roles, compared to 41% for senior levels of management

  • We can add 1 million more women to management in corporate America over the next five years if women are hired and promoted to manager at the same rates as men.

What can we do to change this? A lot has to happen but corporations can help women conquer the challenge of the broken rung and advance their careers. Click Image to see full report.

Thank you to McKinsey/LeanIn for sending us slides and report material to utilize for our discussion.


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